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  • What is Velashape For Cellulite Reduction and How Does it Work?
    Velashape is a Class II Medical Device which is approved for circumferential reduction and for the reduction of cellulite. Elite Medical Laser Velashape Treatments combine multiple modalities simultaneously to produce the desired results in the targeted area. The Velashape technology incorporates vacuum suction, mechanical rollers, infrared light, and bi-polar radio frequency (RF) energy. When performed by a trained and certified clinician, patients can expect to see a reduction in cellulite, a reduction in the size of the treated area, as well as contouring and smoothing of unwanted lumps, bumps, and bulges. You can always book your free consultation free here. Also you can checkout our Promotions here.
  • How Many Inches Can I Expect to Lose From Velashape Treatments?
    When performed by using the proper technique and treatment parameters, every patient can benefit from Velashape treatments. Still, results can be highly individualized, varying from subtle to dramatic, depending upon the physical state of the patient prior to treatment, and the patient’s adherence to a healthy lifestyle. In clinical studies, patients lost 0.5 inch to 3 inches post treatment, however it is not unreasonable to exceed even these results.
  • Am I Candidate For Syneron Velashape Treatments?
    Anyone who wants improvement of the appearance of cellulite in the thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen is a good candidate for Syneron Velashape Treatments. Those who wish to contour unwanted bulges and disproportionate fatty areas will also gain benefits from Velashape treatments. While Velashape treatments can produce outstanding results in the area of cellulite and circumferential reduction, longer term effects can be achieved by maintaining and adhering to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Who is not a good candidate?
    Patients who are pregnant, have cancer, heart disease, coronary artery dysfunction of the heart, have arrhythmia’s or irregular heart rhythm, have a pacemaker, or Grade III obesity are not candidates for our treatments.
  • How Does Syneron Velashape Treatment Improve the Appearance of Cellulite?
    The mechanical process of the Syneron Velashape treatment combines gentle light and radio frequency (RF) energies. When combined with mechanical rollers and vacuum suction, the superficial fat tissue layer that contributes to cellulite can be manipulated to achieve the desired results. Furthermore, the heat from the light and RF energies increases metabolism of this fatty layer and thus promotes a reduction in the size of fat cells. The mechanical rollers and vacuum suction promote an increase in blood circulation to the local area, as well as massaging the skin to produce a smoother, less dimpled surface appearance.
  • What is the Cost For Treatments?
    Long term results can only be achieved through a series of six (6) weekly sessions and prices will be based upon this treatment protocol. However, specific fees are based upon the individual’s needs and number of areas being treated. Those areas can include any one or more of upper arms, buttocks, upper rear thighs, and upper front thighs. An accurate fee can only be truly established through a free, private consultation at Earthbound Skin Spa. During that time our representative will assess your cellulite reduction and/or body reshaping needs and determine the extent of treatment necessary.
  • How Many Velashape Treatments Will I Need and How Often?
    Velashape treatments produce a temporary shrinking of fat cells, as well as a smoothing effect upon the skin in the treatment area. Although benefits can be seen and felt often from just one or two treatments, to achieve longer lasting effects, a treatment protocol of six (6) sessions is typically recommended. A single treatment typically lasts between 20 to 30 minutes, but can be as long as 45 minutes, or more, for multiple body sites on larger individuals. Re-treatment is performed every week. After a series of six sessions, the body adapts to the Velashape treatments with a long term effect of shrunken fat cells lasting for many months. Results improve with the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet and exercise. Once a patient has undergone a treatment program of six (6) sessions, periodic maintenance treatments can be performed to refresh the results.
  • Are Treatments Painful?
    Many patients describe the sensation of a Syneron Velashape treatment as that similar to a deep tissue massage with the additional presence of heat. While not common, some patients have actually fallen asleep during their treatment. Afterwards, one should expect to see some light redness to the skin and the areas feel warm for a short period of time. Patients can return to normal activities immediately following their Velashape treatment.
  • Are There Any Risks Associated With Velashape Treatments?
    Velashape treatments are very safe and pose no long-term health hazards. Further, these treatments are effective for all skin colors and can be performed even on tanned skin. It is recommended that excessive tanning from the sun, sun-beds, or tanning creams should be avoided two weeks prior to treatment. A patient with a sunburn will have their treatment delayed until the effects of the sunburn have passed.
  • What guidelines should I follow for better results?
    A low calorie diet is recommended and it is necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of water before and after each treatment in order to eliminate the dissolved fat. Prior to the start of your Ultrasonic Body Contouring Treatments, please avoid eating breads, rice, alcohol and sodas. Massage the treated area to stimulate the dispersion of the contents of the eliminated fat cells. Lastly, spend approximately 30 minutes of mild exercise of your choice to increase your metabolic rate to aid in the elimination of the liquified fat. Ultrasound is a non-invasive method of reducing localized fat using ultrasound and radio frequency, which also has the benefit of skin tightening. The ultrasonic waves vibrate and break up the fat cells, which are then liquefied and eliminated through the lymphatic and urinary system.
  • What are your Pre-Treatment requirments?
    • Avoid use of blood thinning drugs like aspirin, vitamin E, gingko biloba or fish oils for two days before and after your treatment. • Avoid lotion or moisturizer applications in areas treated prior to appointment. • Wear loose fitting clothes – the discomfort that you will experience during and after your appointment will be similar to a mild sunburn. As such, you should avoid wearing tight fitting jeans. • VERY IMPORTANT: Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water for two or three days prior and post treatment – the VelaShape procedure breaks down fat cells so that they may be metabolized by the body and excreted. When your body is fully hydrated, this metabolic process is enhanced. Also, radio frequency energy requires a well hydrated body for effective conductivity. • If you are taking any prescription medications, or if you have recently undergone any surgical procedures, please inform your Body Sculpting Specialist prior to treatment.
  • What are your Velashape post Treatment procedures?
    • Following your VelaShape session, you are free to resume regular activities. We generally recommend mild exercise post procedure to assist the lymphatic system in metabolizing the fat released. Any residual soreness you feel should be over within 48 to 72 hours. • Following treatment, we suggest that you avoid large meals that might expand your stomach – instead eat five or six small meals per day for the two or three days following treatment. • Avoid alcohol for 3 days post-treatment to allow for rapid clearing of fat content and toxins released during treatment.
  • Am I a good candidate for RF skin tightening?
    Radio frequency skin tightening is primarily used to treat lax skin on the face and in other areas of the body. It is best suited to patients with mild to moderately sagging skin, usually aged mid-thirties to fifties. Any skin color can be treated. Most people will see immediate improvement in skin tightness.
  • What does a facial do for my skin?
    A facial is designed to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish to skin to promote a clear, well hydrated skin.
  • Are there different facials for different skin types?
    Yes. Before any facial is performed the aesthetician should have you fill out paper work. The questionnaire will let the aesthetician know such things as; medications you are taking, the products you use on your skin, recent procedures (e.g. injections, peels, laser) you have had on your face and what your biggest concern is with your skin. The information you provide will be discussed with the aesthetician. Before the facial begins the aesthetician will perform a skin assessment to determine your skin type. After your skin type (dry, oily, sensitive, mature, dehydrated) has been determined the products used in your facial will be appropriate for your skin type.
  • How often should I get a facial?
    If you get facials on a regular basis, your esthetician can keep you informed of changes in your skin and new products that would be beneficial to you. A spa treatment with professional products is usually more potent and effective than what you would use at home to maintain the health of your skin.
  • Will my skin look red afterwards?
    Your skin will look clear, nourished, and radiant following a facial treatment. However, if your skin is sensitive and you have microdermabrasion or an IPL treatment, it may appear a little pink for a few hours. More advanced treatments, such as a Medical Peel or Micro-Needling Rejuvenation may cause redness and tightness for a few days.
  • Can I wear makeup after my facial?
    We prefer that you allow your skin to continue to absorb the nutrients and hydration without makeup. However, putting makeup on after will not harm your facial.
  • Do you do facials for men?
    Yes. We are finding that more men are booking facials. All of our facial treatments work well for men.
  • How safe is laser hair removal?
    The FDA approved laser hair removal machines used in our MedSpa have been proven in multiple clinical studies as the safest method of laser hair removal for all skin types, including dark skin whereby melanin is exponentially more sensitive to the heat used in laser treatment. Hair follicles are damaged not by a single pulse of high energy, but by repetitive short energy pulses. These pulses minimize the risk of burning to the skin, as it is the heat build-up which raises the temperature of the dermis to the level needed for preventing hair growth.
  • Does laser hair removal work? Is laser hair removal permanent?
    Laser Hair reduction works 90% of the time for most individuals. Unfortunately 10% of people may not respond at all. This cannot be determined until after 2 treatments. If you attend all sessions as suggested you should obtain 70-90% permanent hair reduction. You will require touch up treatments over time.
  • What can I do with hair in between treatments?
    Shaving or trimming is the most effective way to maintain between treatments. Treatment area must be closely shaven the night before the treatment. Do not wax in-between treatments sessions.
  • Will I get ingrown hair from laser hair treatments?
    The laser will not create ingrown hairs. If you suffer from them, the laser will produce an effective treatment to clear them.
  • When is laser hair removal unsafe?
    If you are pregnant If you have taken Accutane in the last 6 months If you are prone to Keloids If you have recently waxed, tweezed or had electrolysis within the last 3 weeks
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