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  • Professional Aesthetician

A beauty specialist with a long history of researching and finding treatments for skin rejuvenation using fully natural and herbal methods.


Specializing in the creation of herbal and all natural creams and lotions, Maya is also familiar with traditional treatments and its integration with modern scientific methods of today with international experience by traveling on facials and facial massages for rejuvenation and that glow we are all for.


Maya not only has graduated with a Master's degree in International Marketing, but has also holds several certificates on the preparation and compounding of herbal remedies for improving body functions and energy.


  • Entrepreneur

Dr. Nathan is the main drive behind our newest technological advances in laser treatment. Receiving his Doctorate of Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Phoenix, he not only a member of the International High IQ Society, but has also received several outstanding degrees including but not limited to Master of IT Management, Baccalaureate of Industrial Design, as well as established businesses in multi countries globally with management skills.

Dr. Nathan is also the recipient of multiple Aesthetic Laser certifications and diplomas, with a deep understanding and working knowledge of the 21st century generation of skin laser and care products. His deep sense of responsibility, dedication, team management, added to his profound knowledge of clients’ needs and expectations has been the talk of the town. He brings with him an endless thirst for advancement and cutting edge technology and management for our dear clients at Earthbound Skin Spa, with a remarkable level of care understanding rarely seen in the internet era. 

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We are open for business and accepting appointments for all spa services. We are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our customers and employees. We encourage you to book your services online, for space will be limited due to demand and adherence to safety guidelines.

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