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Camouflage Tattoo

Permanent stretch mark & scar camouflage tattooing in McKinney, TX

Stretch Mark Camouflage
Did you know an estimated 80% of women have stretch marks!
Common Treatment Areas:
• Breasts
• Stomach/Love Handles
• Arms/Shoulders
• Calves/Knees
• Buttocks
• Hips/Thighs
Whatever the reason for your stretch marks, our customized tattoo pigments are perfectly matched to your skin tone. The results appear to resurface the skin, giving you that permanent filter effect!
*Eligibility: Stretch marks need to be at least 2 years old and lighter than your skin tone.
Stretch Mark Camouflage
What are Stretch Marks?
Think of your skin as a basket weave. As we literally stretch out, the skin pulls that weave apart, and we are left with what feels and looks like an indentation in our skin. A stretch mark happens because there is a disruption in the skin’s natural pattern. In other words, the basket weave has an irregularity and is no longer smooth. If you’ve ever worn a bikini to the beach, you know that bright sunlight highlights exactly where your stretch marks are and unfortunately, how many you have.
Why do I have them?
Think it’s just you? Not true. An estimated 80% of women have stretch marks, and they can be a result of several things, such as the abdomen stretching during pregnancy, a growth spurt during puberty (upward or out), weight gain, and even building muscle too fast. In other words, almost everyone can and will get them. Models, teens, moms, and even men. Yes, fellas suffer from these beloved ‘love lines’ as well. Studies have even shown they can be hereditary!
What is the Stretch Mark Camouflage?
A solution is finally here! Our Stretch Mark Camouflage Tattoo is designed to hide your stretch marks. We custom blend mineral-based tattoo pigments that perfectly match to a client’s skin tone, appearing to resurface the skin, and making the stretch mark virtually disappear! The results can last up to 8-10 years! This treatment is perfect for all skin tones- yellows, reds, oranges, browns or grays. All ethnicities and skin tones are welcome!
Am I a candidate?
If your stretch marks are at least two years old and lighter than your skin tone, we can help! Stop using filters to edit your pics and give your skin the smooth and even appearance you desire.
How much does it cost?
Everyone’s skin is different, but sessions typically require an investment of $500-$2000/per area. During our consultation, we will assess the area and determine the price.
A consultation is required in order to book an appointment. Request a consultation today. Click the tab in the upper right-hand corner!

Scar Revision
Scar camouflage is a form of cosmetic tattoo that can reduce the appearance of scars by adding pigments to the skin.
Common Treatment Areas:
• Surgical scars
• Breast Augmentation and or Breast Reduction
• Mastectomy/Lumpectomy
• C-section and Tummy Tuck
• Cosmetic scars
• Facelifts
• Liposuction
• Trauma scars
• Accidents and Burn Scars skin conditions
• Skin Conditions
• Vitiligo and Alopecia
*Eligibility: Scars need to be completely healed and at least 1 year old.
Scar Revision
What is Scar Revision?
Scar revision or scar treatment is a form of paramedical tattoo that can reduce the appearance of scars by adding pigments (colors) to the skin. When examined more closely, normal skin is a mix of skin tones, not uniform in color. At Skin ATL, we use a special color blending technique that attempts to capture the skin’s natural color patterns. This individualized tattoo process adds pigments matched specifically to your skin tone, allowing the scar to blend with the surrounding skin. This results in an overall reduction of the scar’s appearance.
What are the most common areas treated?
The most common areas treated with scar revision are surgical scars on the abdomen (tummy tuck or C-section) and breast ( breast augmentation, breast reduction, or mastectomy/lumpectomy). Smaller but often less easily hidden scars from facelifts and liposuction are also common areas of treatment. Scars that have left large areas without hair, such as those as a result of major surgery, are typically not a good option for scar treatment. This is because hair color changes over time and may require periodic and more frequent re-pigmentation, which may not be an option.
How many treatments are required?
It is important to recognize that most scars are typically permanent and will rarely become completely invisible. Each scar is different in size, shape, color, location on the body, as well as many other factors that affect its appearance. Some scars may require only a single treatment, but keep in mind that scar tissue is compromised tissue, and often requires multiple treatments for optimal effects. Results are generally cumulative and may take 30-45 days to fully develop.
Although our treatments can reduce the scar’s appearance, prospective clients should understand the limits to the procedure as well as proper expectations about the process. The flesh tone pigments we use are different from harsh colored body tattoos and may fade over time. They may also require touch-up services in order to maintain their appearance.
For appointments to book your stretch mark camouflage tattoo treatment hit the link in the upper right-hand corner and complete the application to request your consultation.

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